The Campaign for Scientific Independence in Africa


Throughout history, Africa has never been a world leader in the areas of science and technology. While it contains a huge percentage of the world’s population and undoubtedly some of the world’s greatest potential talents in these fields, it has never had the resources to fully explore these areas on its own. Instead, Africa has relied on the developments and resources of other nations to fuel its scientific and technological needs. This dependence, however, is dangerous for Africa’s future. It is now imperative that Africa gain scientific independence, as many powerful leaders in Africa are now sharing with the public. It is the only way for Africa’s economy to have the chance to maintain staying power and continue to grow as technology and science expand even further in the years to come.

Why is scientific independence so important?

Historically, Africa has built itself on an economy of crops and minerals, but we are now in an age where knowledge and information are key. If Africa continues to push its economy the way it always has in the past, it is going to be left behind, forever dependent on others for its technological resources. Scientific independence means that Africa itself is producing educated people who are able to produce key developments and forward movements in the fields of science and technology.

How to gain scientific independence?

Now that it’s clear why scientific independence is so important for Africa, what is the next step towards achieving this? Education plays a huge role in the future of science and technology. Creating schools that will keep students learning and growing, and investing in high-quality teachers who can raise students up to the level they need to be at. It also means creating high-quality facilities for science and technology experts to work in their field.

Alvaro Sobrinho, a philanthropist and businessman from Nigeria, is passionate about helping Africa to gain its scientific independence. With his leadership and charismatic communication about the issue, Africa is beginning to take notice of this need to grow in the scientific field. Sobrinho works endlessly to get the government, businesses and charities to contribute to his efforts and to help get Africa on its feet in the fields of science and technology. At this rate, there is no doubt that it will do so.