Choosing the best: The TOP 18 IT exam preparation resources


With more and more IT professionals and newbies striving to achieve IT certifications, the companies and organisations offering certification, and related resources and training have also increased considerably. This has made it more difficult for candidates to select an authentic vendor providing the right preparation resources required for cracking the exam. Candidates may be well […]

What to do after a fender bender

It’s a fact of life – accidents happen. Anyone who gets through the whole of their driving life without having a fender bender, minor or serious, should probably have a major highway or something equally appropriate named after them. Driving is a carefully acquired skill but experience doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of being involved […]


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As far as payday loan companies go, MyJar is the force to be reckoned with. It offers fair, simple 18-day loans for small amounts that are ideal for unforeseen emergencies while you are waiting for your pay to arrive. Payday loans have come under constant scrutiny in the media over the last few years and […]