My Favourite Continents: Must Visit Places

great ocean road


Continents are a big question and of course each one has some unique things that make it completely different from the others. I wanted to talk a little bit more about my favourite continents in the world (I love all of them, but some just blow my mind). I hope you enjoy reading about them.


This is the unique on the list for some obvious reasons, the number one reason being that you probably never even thought about travel to Antarctica. Antarctica has some of the most breathtaking scenery that I have ever seen in my life. The powerful formations of ice are something that you can never forget. The colour of it is also fascinating, it is almost aqua blue and so solid. The wildlife is another thing that really draws me there, especially the playful penguins and the whales at the end of the summer. I love to travel to Antarctica and this is something that if you get the chance you should definitely take with both hands.


Australia is one of my favourite places to visit because of the huge diversity in this country/continent. I love the cities like Melbourne, which is a huge cultural hub. The city is amazing with some of the best restaurants, street food and bars. The cafe culture there is also great, with some of the best coffee on the planet (no joke). The nature of the continent is also something to marvel at with countless places to experience the great outdoors. Some of my favourites include Uluru, the huge red rock in the centre of the country, and the magnificent Great Ocean Road with countless kilometres of coastline and beaches. Australia has a great lifestyle that I really cherish and respect and it always keeps me going back there.


This is another place that is especially close to my heart, because to me it is quite possibly the biggest cultural hub in the entire world. I love the fact that everything is so close and that you can experience different cultures in a number of hours. Europe also has so much history, architecture and other cultural influences that have truly changed the world. I love the diversity of visiting somewhere like Rome and seeing remnants of the ancient world and then in a few hours you could be speaking German in the middle of Berlin and eating a currywurst. I love Europe and all that it has to offer!


I have always been fascinated by Asia and it is one of those places where you really begin to experience something different to what you know. Asia is different to more or less everywhere else in some many different ways. This could be the food, the cultural differences and way of life. I love it though and it gives you some read perspective about where you come from and helps you to appreciate things from your own culture and things from another. The food is great everywhere and it is very cheap, which makes Asia such a great place to travel too. The beaches are also amazing and the great weather is something that makes it a perfect combination for travel.