Five Things You Need to Know About PR


Tim Aldiss writes for Broadgate Mainland the London PR firm

Whether you work for yourself or for a company, chances are that you’ve heard about public relations and some of the benefits it can have for individuals and organizations. But do you really understand the benefits of PR and why you need to incorporate it into your business? Public relations can be a vague topic for some people, and some business owners try to sidestep the topic and achieve success without it. But in this day and age, it’s those who know how to master PR who get to the top. Here are 5 tips to get move you ahead:

You need a clear message

PR can work for you, but only if you’ve clearly defined what the message is that you want to send to the world. If you try to use PR and social media before you get this defined, you may find yourself dealing with a mess when it comes to explaining and showing the public what you have to offer.

Have a spokesperson

Your PR message will be much more clear if you designate one person to be the spokesperson for your company, rather than having lots of people on your team take on the task. Remember: consistency is key!

You need to have an updated website

If you’re promoting your business with lots of PR, keep in mind that you’ll need your website to be completely updated with all the information potential customers need to know. So hold off on the PR until you’re really ready to promote your site to the public!

Reach out to the media

In order to really be successful in the realm of public relations, you’ll need to develop relationships with the media. This means reading up on the popular newspapers and journals, so that when you introduce yourself to a reporter, you’ll have some information on what they’ve been writing about.


One of the best things you can do to increase your PR presence is to attend networking events in related fields. Essentially, the more people you can meet in your field, the better. You want to get your name and your business out there so that it becomes familiar to people – basically, this way you can do your own PR without paying for anything!