How can employees gain from benefits?


Employee benefits services are a tricky thing to master. What perks do you choose for your staff? How do you increase engagement or retention? All tricky questions without obvious answers.

But what is clear is the effect benefits can have on your personnel. Countless employees have had their lives changed for the better because of effectively implemented reward systems.

So how exactly can your staff gain from properly managed benefits?

The dreaded commute

We all hate commuting. It’s rubbish. But there are ways that an employer can make the feared journey more palatable for its personnel.

It might seem a strange idea – a company doing all it can to alleviate traffic-related stress and tantrums – but more and more firms are seeing the evidence to backup the need for commute-related benefits.

You see, a staggering number of employees leave their jobs because of commutes and while it might not immediately seem like the job of an employer to mitigate this situation, proponents of a holistic life management benefits model argue that taking care of all aspects of a staff member’s life is a sure fire way to improve engagement and retention.

Some of the more popular benefits offered in this field include the government-backed Cycle to Work scheme, which allows staff to use a salary sacrifice programme to pay for bicycles tax-free, as well as the staied (and much loved) company car perk.


Workers face massive amounts of stress. As people are expected to work longer hours and spend less time in their kitchen cooking meals or outside exercising, it’s no surprise that obesity and cancer rates are going up.

Sure it’s great to give employees holiday time, but this can be expensive and leave your office lacking in personnel – potentially frustrating partners and clients. To tackle this, many businesses choose to implement perhaps the most popular benefit on the market – private healthcare.

Employees really appreciate it when their bosses show a more compassionate side (not at the Christmas party though) and preventing the development of potentially serious health problems through workplace medicals is a great way of showing you care about your personnel’s wellbeing.

There are a number of options available on the market, with some coverage offering regular GP checks on a six-monthly or annual basis, while other more expensive packages giving employees round-the-clock consultations and even A&E care.

Absenteeism is also a problem for both employers and staff members, so sorting this issue out with expert medical advice is a sure-fire way to improve productivity.

Internal social networks

We’ve all used an absolutely rubbish intranet ‘social network’ in our time. The outdated bulletin boards, the breaking news about a new coffee machine circa 1998 and the forum with around 20 posts over its 15-year history – 17 of which are lolcats and three of which contain the word TEST somewhere in them.

Ugh. But it is changing. The emergence of specialised third party benefit platforms like plusyou from You at Work is threatening to make a real difference in the way employees interact with each other.

The fact is, we all love a bit of gossip about who’s getting promoted or what managerial changes are taking place, but You at Work’s Grapevine service goes further than this and creates a portal for all its client’s communication and sharing needs.