The secrets of a very happy workforce

It is something that people often strive for, but don’t always manage to – find happiness and solace in their job all at the same time. Friends will meet at the pub at the end of a long week and moan about their jobs and how they don’t feel valued enough – it happens all over the place. However, if employers aren’t careful their workers won’t just moan, they will take action and leave their jobs for pastures new.

Fear not though, as there are some ways to make sure your employees are highly motivated and feel valued in the workplace:

Include your employees in business decisions

One of the easiest ways to make your team feel valued is to include them in business decisions. For instance if you are thinking of developing a new product, service proposition or changing marketing strategies, you could hold a meeting with your employees to discuss what they think might be a good idea. Get feedback and keep them informed every step of the way.

Keep it simple and say thank you

It might sound a bit silly, but no matter what age we are, we all love a bit of praise no matter where it comes from. So don’t be shy in throwing around thanks and the odd pat on the back to keep people’s spirits high. Follow up with the specifics for why they are being praised and consider sharing any best practice with the wider team. This gives people a sense of worth that can’t be quantified.

Try to have as much fun as possible

Now there will be points during a day when having fun with your colleagues is just not an option – and this shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone that is being paid to work for a living. We can’t expect have a laugh all the time. However, it is a reasonable expectation that a worker should enjoy parts of their job and this is something you can easily facilitate.

Having celebrations to mark certain occasions in the office are always a good idea. For instance on St George’s Day or people’s birthdays you could lay on a buffet and have a bit of a party during lunch time.

Offer incentives to work for the company

A great way of keeping people motivated in the workplace is by offering some incentive schemes. Employees could be rewarded with money, vouchers or even promotional items. Things such as promotional umbrellas could be good items to offer people for their commute to and from work – especially in this country where rains certainly seems to be the norm!

These items could be divvied out each month or quarter where a member of staff has nominated one of their colleagues for the particularly good work they have completed over the period. And who knows, it may help create a bit of healthy competition.