Time to crack the export whip!


You may be disappointed entering the exact phrase ‘export services UAE’ – using parenthesis, of course – into your favourite search engine. That’s because only a handful of websites will, in all probability, be returned. On the other hand, get rid of the inverted commas and you’ll end up with thousands of potentially useful results.


And somewhere near the top of the first page of results, or maybe even the second, you’ll likely find the embassy website of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Washington D.C., pointing the way to yet more resources for would-be exporters looking for new, exciting and perhaps challenging markets in the Persian Gulf and wider Middle East region.

It’s a simple example of how the Internet has changed all of our lives, and not just within business communities all across the planet. What might have taken many hours of research to find, adding massively to any start-up costs, is available now in seconds – and all for free!

First-time exporters

If you’re an old hand at the exporting game, feel free to skip the next paragraph or two. Otherwise, start following the UAE embassy website’s advice, which is to click the link to the US Commercial Service (USCS). The embassy explains the USCS is the trade promotion arm of the US Department of Commerce. Exporting to the UAE not only helps companies get started exporting; it also aids existing exporters with new markets.

USCS services include:

Trade counselling to provide them with the information they need to navigate the export process from beginning to end

Market intelligence to help US exporters target the right market(s) for their products and services

Business matchmaking services to connect them with the right partners and prospects

Trade advocacy for US companies to level the international playing field for international procurement

Can’t get enough, right?

We’re talking promotion, the life blood of any company or business. If no one knows who you are and what you do then it’ll take a few lifetimes to make that first million. So how are you going to make some sales or push the top-notch services you’re offering, especially if the country and its market is a completely new one? The answer is easier than you might think. Simply hop over to Export.gov, the American government’s export promotion website.

The website explains, “Export.gov is the US government’s export promotion and finance portal. We designed this portal to deliver critical export information and services from across the US government to small and medium-sized US companies to begin or expand their exporting business.”

In other words, there’s all the help you could ever possibly need from a whole number of different departments, each of them geared to making a success of any overseas venture or idea you may have, whether large or small. As the website points out, small businesses looking to increase sales and profit, reduce dependence on the domestic market and stabilize seasonal fluctuations should consider exporting. After all, nearly 96 percent of consumers live outside the US. Two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power is in foreign countries, a lot of it in the oil-rich UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

So what are you waiting for? Time to crack the whip. Check out the UAE embassy website here.